Tuscan Herb Bruschetta

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Tuscan Herb Bruschetta


Baguettes diagonally sliced

Tomatoes (diced or sliced Romano tomatoes)

Garlic paste or minced garlic

Fresh Basil

Fresh Mozzarella

Olive Destination Black Truffle Sea Salt

Olive Destination Tuscan Herb flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Olive Destination 18 Year Traditional Balsamic


Coat Baguette Slices with Tuscan Herb EVOO and brown in toaster or conventional oven

Spread small amount of garlic on toasted baguettes

Place sliced Mozzarella on baguette

Cover Mozzarella with tomatoes

Sprinkle Black Truffle Sea Salt to taste

Drizzle a little more Tuscan Herb EVOO and Traditional Balsamic over tomatoes

Sprinkle fresh basil on top and serve immediately

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