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High-Protein Diet: This Easy-To-Make Mediterranean Omelette Is Ideal For Dieters This Mediterranean Omelette is made with olive oil, white onions and blanched spinach. This could be an ideal addition to your weight loss diet, Highlights Protein is a crucial component for weight loss Weight loss does not mean you need to eat all things bland and boring Mediterranean diet is a rage in the world of health How much do we love our fluffy omelettes?! It's a good thing that these eggy delights are also an incredible addition to a weight loss diet. Yes, you heard us. Omelettes, if made...

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Breakfast of Champions No measuring, guaranteed to keep you full for at least 4-5 hours Use the following Olive Destination Oils and Balsamics and feel free to substitute your favorites for the ones listed Neapolitan Balsamic vinegar 18 year Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Dash of White Traditional Vinegar (optional) Picual EVOO Garlic flavored EVOO Black truffle oil 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Depending on your oil to vinegar preferences, add a combination of the above in a shaker container with steel shaker ball Add ½ tsp mustard powder Stevia to taste if too tangy Fry 2 eggs in coconut oil, sunny side...

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