Thermo Mud Thermal Treatment

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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Capsicum, Mineral Clay, Thermal Water

The ancient art of utilizing natural Thermal Mud for beauty and curative purposes is being applied scientifically by GIRZI to create this luxurious mud treatment for both professional and home use. This exclusive formulation effectively combines the detoxifying effects of Mineral Clay, the antioxidant properties of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the refreshing anti-inflammatory reaction of Capsicum and the hydrating qualities embodied in Thermal Water. Use Thermal Mud on aching areas of the body in need of an intensive thermo-active skin care treatment, such as the joints, back, neck, cervical zone, feet and hands.

Method of Use: Massage a sufficient quantity of mud on the body areas of interest. Cover with a film, wool cloth, or electric blanket and allow to penetrate for 15 minutes. Remove mud with a damp sponge and follow treatment with Moisturizing Body Lotion. Note: Due to the thermal quality of this product, the skin may experience as slight tingling sensation during the treatment.

Packet 80 / 2.71 fl oz
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