Fish Tacos

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Fish Tacos

Fish Taco



Power Vegetable or Jicama Slaw

Fish (Pangasius sometimes called Swai or your favorite white fish)

Olive Destination (OD) Chili Lime Mexican Seasoning

OD Persian Lime flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

OD Harissa flavored EVOO (spicy)

OD Thai Red Dragon Fruit white balsamic (sweet)

Bread crumbs (Optional)


Mix Slaw with Persian Lime olive oil Thai Red Dragon Fruit white balsamic and set aside

Coat fish with Harissa olive oil and Chili Lime Mexican Seasoning

Roll in Bread Crumbs if desired

Coat and heat pan with Persian Lime olive oil

Pan Fry fish on med to low heat

Remove when done and cut into bite size pieces

Complete by placing fish in Taco, adding flavored slaw and enjoy

Recipe submitted by Executive Chef Roger Titze

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