Grilled Burgers, Asparagus and Peaches easy Dinner

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Grilled Burgers, Asparagus and Peaches easy Dinner


3 Ripe Peaches

2 Tbls Olive Destination Coco Sugar

2 Tbls Olive Destination Peach White Balsamic

8-10 Asparagus Spears

2 Large Onion Slices

1 Tbls Olive Destination Butter flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

For the Burgers:

8-9 oz. Grass Fed Beef or Buffalo

1 Tbls Olive Destination Tuscan Herb Flavored EVOO

1 Tbls Olive Destination 18 year Traditional Balsamic

1 Tbls Basik Prime rub

This last weekend was the Peach Festival at the Sioux Falls Fairgrounds and we couldn’t resist. Not only did we bring home some great peaches we also came home with some great recipe ideas. We were especially intrigued by the grilled peaches being done by a young man from the Fruit Club transportation group. This is his recipe with a few modifications.

Slice as many peaches as you desire in half and place on the hot grill face side down. Leave them on the grill until the tops are soft to the touch, may take around 5 minutes depending on how ripe the peaches are. Once they are soft, turn them over and put on the top rack of your grill until they start to crisp on the exposed side. At the fair grounds they topped brown sugar and honey. Of course we decided to upgrade the taste and healthfulness by substituting Olive Destination Coconut Sugar and our Peach Balsamic.

This is an incredibly easy recipe, especially if you’re grilling anyway. If the peaches are a little under ripe the heat of the grill will soften them and if they are a little overripe the heat, coconut sugar and balsamic will make up for their initial condition.

The burgers were made with 8 oz. of grass fed beef. While making the patties mix in the Tuscan Herb olive oil, the 18 year Traditional Balsamic and our Basik's Prime Rub seasoning. The Asparagus and onion slices were coated with our Butter Oil and salt and pepper.

Put the Onion slices on the grill the same time as the burgers. When the burgers and onions are ready to flip add the asparagus to the grill.

Altogether and easy and delicious meal with very little cleanup required since everything is done on the grill.

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