Sriracha Mango Shrimp Wrap

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Sriracha Mango Shrimp Wrap

Try this delicious summer lunch shrimp wrap featuring Olive Destination(OD) Sriracha Mango white balsamic. Cover plate with roamain or bib lettuce leaves. Dice tomato, onion, shallots. Sautee shrimp in OD Blood Orange olive oil and deglaze pan with the sriracha balsamic. Plate the shrimp on the lettuce and add tomato, onion, shallots and drizzle the glaze form the pan over the plated shrimp and enjoy!


Leafy romaine lettuce, Shrimp, Tomato diced, Mango diced, Shallots or Red Onion chopped, OD Blood Orange olive oil, OD Sriracha Mango White Balsamic Vinegar

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