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When we cook at home regularly there us a tendency to make the same recipe, the same way, time after time which can get monotonous. This is a great changeup for your regular chicken recipe. I like thighs but other chicken parts can be substituted. Ingredients: Eight chicken thighs (prefer bone in and skin on but could be boneless and skinless) Six garlic cloves - minced Salt and pepper Half a cup of Olive Destination Lemon Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil Two sprigs of thyme Four carrots Five potatoes (red bliss or whatever is in season) One large yellow onion...

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& Pasta Dishes, Category_Recipes>Meat, Seafood -

We do some sort of a chicken dish almost every night and this is a really delicious and healthy variation. I like thighs but my significant other prefers breasts so feel free to mix ‘n match as you like. Place the bone-in chicken thighs/breasts/drumsticks (your choice) to roast alongside squash and shallots, and then join kale in this version of a sheet-pan supper. After roasting, the vegetables, with all the pan drippings, are tossed into a bowl of shredded and seasoned kale to become a sort of warm, savory salad loaded with winning tastes and textures (and only one pan...

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