Salsa Fresca

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Salsa Fresca

"Fresca" is a Spanish word referring to any number of sauces that generally are made with only fresh, uncooked ingredients. Here we're demonstrating the versatility of combining delicious, healthy extra virgin olive oils to add even more depth of flavor and healthfulness to this perennial favorite.


3 lb Diced fresh tomatoes

1 lb Minced onions

1 lb Green pepper

2 oz Fresh chopped garlic

2 oz Fresh cilantro (or more if you prefer)

4 oz Fresh lime juice

4 oz Any one of several Olive Destinations spicy oils, e.g. Jalapeno, Jalapeno Garlic, Extreme Jalapeno, Harissa, Baklouti Green Chile or even our Cayenne

Combine all ingredients, chill and serve

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