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Descriptions of Varietal (No Flavor Added) Oils

Arbequina (Spain) Oro Bailen

Crafted by one of the most decorated producers in the world, this early harvest Arbequina is both fruity and herbaceous. Delicate yet complex. Apple, mid grass & herbal notes give way to lingering pungency. very little bitterness. Panel scores below. Balanced!

Arbosana (CA)

Certified organic, early harvest Arbosana olives are picked and quickly crushed to create this lovely, delicate, creamy extra virgin olive oil with notes of green almond and artichoke.

Barnea (PERU)

This is a super-early harvest Barnea with a strong herbaceous aroma and flavor. Herbal notes of freshly crushed parsley and fennel dominate the bouquet. The finish is very peppery with commanding pungency. This remarkable EVOO won a highly coveted Gold Medal at the 2013 New York Olive Oil Competition.

Cobrancosa (Portuguese)

Historically one of our most popular Northern Hemisphere EVOO's, the Portuguese Cobrancosa is unique, floral and complex. Layered with creamy flavors that linger, this uncommon variety also has fruity berry notes.

Coratina Gran Cru

Made from hand-picked olives on the "La Fenice - Coppa Malva" estate owned by the Galantino family, this early harvest small batch Coratina is extremely complex and contains both floral and herbaceous notes including green apple. Big aroma, spicy finish! Bold but balanced.


The dominant variety in Portugal, this indigenous example is delicate creamy and viscous with fruity notes of banana mash and berry. Currently our least bitter and pungent EVOO.


Incredibly complex and fruity, this highly awarded Hojiblanca crafted by Boundary Ben/Cobram Estate has won Best In Class, Gold and Premiere medals in both International & domestic Olive Oil Competitions. Viscous & creamy, the notes include apple, green banana and stone fruit.

Koroneiki (CA)

Robust Intensity Herbal, extremely floral and loaded with lingering green banana notes on the finish, this well made fragrant early harvest Koroneiki is robust and layered.

Leccino (Chile)

With a fruitiness score of 6.2, this example of delicate but fruity Leccino is the highest scorer in fruitiness of all Southern Hemisphere oils, by the taste panel. Green apple notes, a creamy mouth feel, balanced pungency but very little bitterness makes this a crowd pleasing sweet oil. Country of Origin: Chile

Nevadillo Blanco (AUS)

This rare variety, closely related to Picual is extremely fruity and contains up-front aromas of stonefruit, berry and tomato leaf with distinct bitter notes.

Picual (Spain)Oro Bailen

Medium Intensity Crafted by one of the most decorated producers in the world, this early harvest green Picual has a nose that will knock your socks off. This award winner displays complex herbaceous notes of green olive, green tea, green tomato & green peach skin. Processed at extremely low temperatures there is very little of this award winning oil available.