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Recipe's from Class Feb 5, 2013

Olive Destination Class Feb 5, 2013

Chef Roger Titze

Citrus Chicken with Southwest Pasta Salad and Vegetables

Chicken Breast

OD (Olive Destination) Basiks Citrus Seasoning

OD Whole Lemon Fused EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

OD Pappardelle’s Tomato Basil Penne

Feta Cheese Paired with our Sean Minor Chardonnay

OD Basiks South West Seasoning

OD Hot Chili Pepper Infused EVOO




Seared Beef Filet with Fig Balsamic Compote Reduction With Blue Cheese Crumbles

Beef Filet

OD Black Mission Fig Balsamic Paired with our Angeline Merlot

OD Fig & Walnut Confit

OD Basiks Prime Rub

Blue cheese Crumbles (Affinee Brand)

OD Tuscan Herb EVOO

Berry Snack Nut Parfait

OD Berry Adventure Snack Mix package

Heavy Cream

OD Dark Choc Balsamic

OD Coconut Sugar (Low Glycemic)