Wine Club Starts Now!

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Wine Club Starts Now!

Vine and Vintage Wine Club Starts Now!
Stop in, join up and pickup your two bottles of wine now thru Aug 11th

First wine tasting social and sale is Thursday, August 11th from 5 PM to 6:30 PM at the Dawley Village store, 720 S Highline Place

Providing our customers with the ingredients to prepare healthy gourmet meals at home has always been the passion of Olive Destination and we have always loved great wine with a tasty, healthy meal. Throughout the world people gather with loved ones to share in that same tradition.
In our quest to find beautiful wines at a fair price we discovered there was A LOT to learn leading to AMAZING discoveries!
We created this club to share that experience and knowledge with you and yours!
Levels of Participation
$30 - Silver - 2 wines each month - free entry into World Wine Cub Social and Discount Sale - In store discounts
$50 - Gold - 2 premium wines each month - free entry into World Wine Club Social and Discount Sale - In store discounts
$20 - Tasting - Access into the World Wine Club Social and Discount Sale. *Spend $60 at Discount Sale-Access Fee is waived*
Rules of Participation
1.) Monthly Memberships
*NO COMMITMENT- Start and stop ANY month
*Memberships MUST be made IN STORE ONLY - BEFORE the 15th of each month (pending holidays and store hours)
*ONLY Olive Destination locations can be used for 'Vine & Vintage - World Wine Club' memberships located at:
5023 S. Louise, Sioux Falls SD 57108
720 S. Highline Place, Sioux Falls SD 57110
2.) Wine Collection
*Wines are curated by Olive Destination with the help of our wine specialist. REQUESTS ARE WELCOME
*You receive your two bottles the moment you sign up!
3. Vintage Wine Club Social

Our first wine tasting social will be Thursday, August 11 at the Dawley Village store from 5 PM to 6:30 PM.

*In depth & beginner wine knowledge that's great for ALL levels of interest.
*We will taste 3 different wines not included in the Monthly Memberships.
*Light Appetizers will be offered
*You will be notified via email on social date, times and location.

Wines can not be shipped or delivered